Oct 21

Hollywood Propaganda; How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture, by Mark Dice ★★★★★

Mark Dice has been making a series of books about modern culture, the most recent being The True Story of Fake News, Liberalism: Find a Cure and the Liberal Media Industrial Complex. The format of these books are all the same. I’ve written reviews on each of them already. In this book, Mark attacks the entertainment industry, showing how they have intentionally written script into their shows to persuade the public toward a particular end. Mark covers various things, such as making the public accepting of abortion, LGBTQ issues, Feminist issues, immigration issues, and political issues, such as painting a negative spin on Donald Trump. Hollywood is deeply influenced and affected by the state, including the military, FBI and CIA, and other government agencies. Hollywood has been very strong at promoting an anti-USA agenda, and stirring up race issues, creating a war against white people. There is no corner left unturned, and even sports have become political via Hollywood. Mark laments how late-night comedies have gone from equal opportunity attacks against both Republicans and Democrats with Johnny Carson to a full all-out attack on conservativism by recent talk show hosts. The book contains hundreds of examples of how Hollywood has intentionally scripted its shows with the intent to influence the beliefs and thinking of the general public. He doesn’t offer solutions, save for turning off your tv. That is what our family has done, beginning about 1995. We couldn’t have been better off.

This is a great book. It doesn’t have a plot. It doesn’t have progression in a storyline. But, it is a concerted attack against what the radio preacher Oliver Greene would call “the sewer pipe from Hollywood”. What was amazing to me was Mark Dice pointing out how deep this Cesspool of filth was in the Hollywood circuit, and how seriously it may be affecting how we think and what we believe. This is a good book to read, which I highly recommend. I’m sure my brother Dennis would stand with me on this one.

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  1. Bruder dennis says:

    Over the last three years, I have been watching many movies. Most of them are of Hollywood directors and producers. Hollywood has been dominated by apostate Jews, but this is not monolithic. I have been looking for Hollywood script-writer bias in the movies I have watched and I do not find much. That is probably because I am selective in choosing movies.

    Don’t expect Clint Eastwood, Matthew McConnaughey, Denzel Washington or maybe even Matt Damon to appear in such movies. Don’t expect the sewer-pipe to include John Grisham movies, or even some, like “Still Mine”, based on the true story of a Canadian who builds his house without a building permit. The main actor, James Cromwell, is himself very politically post-American (the expression I have coined to replace “politically correct” and other manifestations of apostasy, cultural insurrection, and rebellion) but none of his own post-Americanism comes out in the movie. The same holds for Alec Baldwin in “The Hunt for Red October” or Susan Sarandon in “Lorenzo’s Oil”, both heavily post-American.

    So I find Hollywood to be a mixed bag. There are scum-bag producers like Scor”sleazy” and generally good ones like Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone. Hollywood, like everything else in a collapsing civilization, requires discernment to separate the wheat from the weeds.

    Hollywood is losing its dominance nowadays in the cinematographic industry. The British and Canadians have been making more movies, and even the Russians have some good ones, (subtitled in Angliski) like “T-34”. http://www.rt.com has interesting documentaries.

    I could offer a long list of what I have found to be “good movies”, including those with a political angle, but I’ll recommend just a few here: “Fair Game” – the story of when the Bush administration exposed a CIA field worker (spy), Valerie Plame, and Scooter Libby took the fall for it – dirty Bush II-era politics where the good guys (Plame and husband, who also is involved in the plot) are victors. A British true-life movie with a parallel plot involving a MI6 employee who leaked info on the Iraqis-have-nukes lie of Tony Blair, also emerges victorious in a British court (with actor Ralph Fiennes as her lawyer) titled “Official Secrets”. And the three-part Johnny Waricker series, also of the British spy genre, is also a thinly veiled exposure of Tony Blair (played by Ralph Fiennes). The three movie titles aare “Page Eight”, “Turks and Caicos” and “Salting the Battlefield”.

    • Kenneth Feucht says:

      Dennis; Clearly Hollywood does not have a monopoly on filmmaking. It is increasingly challenging to find factual or wholesome films out of Hollywood. Sometimes, it becomes a mixed bag, and the perfect example of that is “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick, who suggests a somewhat pornographic film offering, yet is not-so-subtly screaming at you the issue of clandestine societies that fly below radar yet affect much of our lives. I’m not sure how Kubrick got away with this film. Mark Dice says nothing new, yet masterfully categorizes and documents the many ways that Hollywood intentionally attempts to change the way we think about the world. He offers superb reminders of the multiple targets of the Hollywood thought-programmers, in their attempt to restructure American ideology in their image.

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