Medical-Political Writings

Papers published in the Pierce County Medical Society Bulletin
1.Music&Medicine, published in February 2006
2.Beethoven’s Gastroenterologist, published in April 2006
3. The Rule of Law and Tort Reform, published in June 2006
4. My best friend Arthur, published in August 2006
5. Economic Credentialing, published in October 2006
Ethical Writings
Papers published in the Journal of Biblical Ethics in Medicine
1. Physician Assisted Suicide
2. The Hippocratic and other Oaths


I helped one of my patients write his autobiography. I discovered that he was actually a student teacher (German class) of mine when  I was in high school. His story of escape from east Germany and life in Germany is quite interesting. Helmut passed away on 09.JAN2009. He will be missed, but is in a better place.
Meine Geschichte

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