Dec 08

English Standard Version Bible  ??????????
As mentioned elsewhere on this website, I read the bible through and through every year. It’s the only thing I would ever give more than five stars to. It’s a perfect 10. Usually I read a different version or translation every year, and this year, it was the ESV. I particularly like the ESV because it is easy reading that flows well, uses modern English, and I know a number of the translators, including JI Packer (I took a systematic theology class from him), Jack Collins (he came out of Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma and frequently visits), and Max Rogland (also from Faith Pres, and a good friend), to name just a few. But…. what about the rating. Actually, I don’t dare rate Scripture, since it usually rates me. Simply put, I consider the Bible as the infallible conversations of God with man. And, God is not silent. In fact, he is quite talkative, if we bother to listen to him through the means that he has provided in the Bible. The Scriptures authenticate that man is not the measure of all things, but rather that God provides an infinite, personal reference point for all measurements, whether they be physical, moral, ethical, or epistemologic. Communication is not a failed venture (see below) because God as The Infinite communicates to man. Thus, infinite truths might be spoken truly but not comprehensively to finite minds such as ours. We have the capability of knowing true truth through God’s communication with man and through our observation of the world. Those truths will not be exhaustive, and often distorted by our fallen minds, but that is not a reason for a fatalistic view that truth cannot be known. To quote the wisest of all men, Solomon noted that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

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