Dec 16

This is my second time to the SABCS, the last being about 3 years ago. It is heavily medical oncology oriented, without too much for the surgical oncologist. Never-the-less, I did find the basic science lectures interesting. The clinical medical oncology portion was somewhat dreadful, with lengthy discussions over the value of differing treatment options that might be statistically significant, but have such close survival curves that they remain of overall insignificance. Dr. Liao managed to make it, and it was interesting to have his interaction from a medical oncology perspective as to clinical options. Since Dr. Liao is also an M.D., Ph.D., he seems to understand completely my rantings about the stupid studies and research that is being performed so commonly in the war against breast cancer.  I did learn some practical things for clinical application, so the meeting wasn’t entirely worthless. Other activities included walking the river-walk, and eating Tex-Mex food.

We went to all the lectures, and were attentive, falling asleep only when appropriate.

As you can see, Dr. Liao attempted to catch every word that was spoken, hoping that in some sentence the cure for breast cancer would be inadvertently be dropped on us. We missed the cure this year, and will have to wait until next year.

The River-walk was decorated for Christmas, and many of the boats were loaded with Christmas carolers singing as the boats went down the river.

The last thing that we did was to go remember the Alamo. We remembered to remember.

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