Dec 09

Conspiracy Theory, starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts ????
This is a film that suggests a plethora of secret activities occurring by various governmental agencies, none aware of what the next is doing. Mel Gibson plays a taxi driver caught up in such an event, involved in psychiatric mind bending by a government official seeking to terminate various lives by various accidents occurring to them. Gibson then encounters Julia as a lawyer-investigator for the police force, caught in trying to figure out Gibson’s “psychosis” or delusionary patterns from that of actual reality. The movie is fast paced, and doesn’t end as expected. A film that is highly recommended.

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  1. Andrew says:

    One of my Mom’s favorite movies of all times…

  2. Uncle Dennis says:

    This movie was based on the mind control projects originating with the NAZIs and brought into the OSS, then CIA, through Operation Paperclip. The ambiance of the movie reflects accurately the nature of (ongoing?) CIA projects Monarch and MKULTRA, one consequence of which was the rejection of LSD as a mind-control drug, only to have it leave its covert origins to become a means of salvation to Timothy Leary and other hippies. In this regard, the movie does a public service, both by alerting those who will do a websearch on the above project names and learn about mind control and its use by the power elite, and also to stereotype in the minds of socially-ignorant cynics the notion of “conspiracies”, their reaction to which itself demonstrates the power of mind control when implemented as counterintelligence on the American public.
    Much of what Ed Gibson is muttering in the opening scene while driving the taxi is true in one form or another, and yet verboten in the Establishment media. Do you think Geo. Bush Sr. is going to admit that he was at a meeting at the home of a Dallas oilman, along with Nixon, Johnson, Kissinger and the usual list of other high-level criminals the day before the JFK assassination – a meeting about which Johnson’s mistress years later told investigative reporter Pat Shannon? – right down to who brought the prostitute? Jack Ruby. Go figure.

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