Dec 13

Mad Max Road Warrior Series, starring Mel Gibson ???
The story of a post-apocalyptic venture in Australia, where motorcycle gangs and mad road rage dudes seek to dominate the diminishing supplies of gasoline available. These movies are best seen in a series, and are mostly bizarre episodes of war being engaged from ever more bizarre designs of road, rail, and air vehicles. Mel stars as a cop whose family was murdered by a motorcycle gang, and goes on to ever greater glory in each movie, conquering the bad guys. I’ve seen much better films of a post-apocalyptic nature, and these don’t really do it for me. Thus, three stars.

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  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    The first of the series, Road Warrior, is almost necessary and sufficient. It is considered apocalyptic in genre but I consider it a parody on the lifestyle of the people living on the freeways in the Los Angeles basin. Road Warrior expresses explicitly what only lurks in the Freudian consciousness of those for whom freeway commuting is a familiar part of life. In its time it presented a novel but now obvious exploration of a familiar part of the lives of many in the overdeveloped world. Think of Road Warrior as a movie that put excitement back into carpooling.

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