Feb 03

Conservatives are from Mars, Liberals are from San Francisco, by Burt Prelutsky ????
This is a set of 101 short commentary pieces written by Burt Prelutsky. Burt worked in the television industry, writing mostly sit-com scripts for tv serials. He grew up in a Jewish liberal family, and eventually migrated to the conservative stance. His writings are quite comical, and would be enjoyed by folk of all political stripe. His favorite theses are the arrogance of liberals, the hypocrisy of liberals, and the multitude of Prelutsky’s petty peves. While I often agree, and often disagree with Prelutsky, he doesn’t have the sharp, raspy style of Ann Coulter or Michael Savage, and thus is easier and more enjoyable to read. He usually uses the same slapstick humor that he might have been accustomed to while writing television scripts. It’s a fun read, not intended to be read at single settings.

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