Aug 09

Honest Money, by Gary North ★★★★★
This book was read on my iPad in e-book format. Gary North offers very basic economics, but does diligence in seeking a biblical answer to the creation, flow, and use of money in an economy. North was an advisor to Ron Paul, and I’m sure influenced Paul significantly. I appreciate North’s insights into the economic scene, as well as his desire to avoid labeling himself an Austrian or free-market economist. I dreaded the possibility that he would have a lengthy appeal for return to a gold standard, which he does not. Instead, he suggests that the market itself can decide standards that determine value. Thus, the state would have no role in fixing the price of gold, silver and other commodities. In addition, the state would be removed from its role in the manufacture of “money” or the operation of banks. While this is radically opposed to our banking system, it seems far more reasonable than the current system, which, like all historically similar systems, will lead to collapse of the entire monetary system. North’s words will unfortunately be heeded by all too few people, and the government will continue to enslave us more and more. This is a book that can be obtained free from North’s website, can be read in a single evening or two, and should be on everybody’s must-read list.

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  1. Onkel Dennis says:

    North is a prolific author and is certainly worth reading because he understands the money issue as few economists do.
    To clarify, North’s opposition to a “gold standard”, he means to be in opposition to government regulation of the value of money, which happens to be included in the U.S. Constitution, that Congress shall have the power “To coin money, [and] regulate the value thereof”. If instead the USG were disabled from having any power over money at all, then the long political battle of the people against central bankers would not have occupied the top priority in presidential election campaigns for all of the 19th century. In 1913, the people lost and financial enslavement has increased since then.
    Understanding of the money issue is essential for understanding the social order. If you do not understand it (and few do nowadays), you do not understand your own time or culture. It is just that simple.
    For those who find the money issue not only of great importance but also fascinating, the book to read next is Edwin J. Vieira’s Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the U.S. Constitution. Vieira is a clear and brilliant thinker (like North, but possibly even smarter), holds a PhD in chemistry and a JD, both from Harvard, is the leading expert on the legal and historical aspects of U.S. money, and has spent his career winning landmark (right-to-work) court cases among the “Gang of Nine”, as he has called them in my discussions with him. For more on the 2-volume work, see

  2. Onkel Dennis says:

    As an addendum to my previous posting, Gary North not only recommends Ed Vieira’s book at
    but also gives links to where you can download it for free. A shorter version is also included.

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