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Happy New Year! The year has had some great trials, as well as bringing supreme joys.
Joys? Not only has Rachel given us Lily Mae and Adalyn Grace, but Diane also have given us Dean, leaving us with 8 grandchildren. It’s an odd thing to think how much joy one gets out of the grandchildren.
The trials (and trial, literally) last year has been hard, but has been good for both Betsy and me. We have acquired a rich discovery of each other that has been a blessing. It is typical to have the empty nest turn on parents as a strenuous time for each other, but we have found it just the opposite. It has been fun traveling together, and just living together.
The trial from last Spring has been elaborated in a blog entry from April and can be read about there. The supposition is that one gets over a lawsuit, knowing that they are going to happen, and one gets on with life. That has not happened to me. I have felt the horrible injustice of the court system that does not seek after truth and rightness. When a physician does everything right, he still is legally culpable if a problem arises. In response, I have backed down considerably in what I do in my practice, and plan on retiring sooner than later. I see God’s hand in all of this, as it is otherwise quite difficult to slow down one’s practice and yet be able to remain in practice. It feels as though the entire system has you trapped.
Trips have included a bicycle ride with the ACA in Death Valley, a trip with Dr. Tate in upstate Michigan on bicycles, a trip to Germany with Jonny, and a bicycle ride on the eastern side of the Sierras with the ACA and also with Jonny. All of these trips are chronicled previously on this website. I took a brief trip to San Antonio (not recorded in a blog entry) in early December for the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. There were other small trips.
Last year, I noted that I was working through all of my classical music. I have since acquired about 20 days more music, including a complete Wagner (with 2 sets combined), a nearly complete Haydn set, a complete Verdi, and multiple other works. My classical collection is now 66633 songs, consisting of 418.3 Gbytes, which would take me 204 days, 10:22 hours to listen to. At the end of the year, I am now left with 4189 songs, 29.5 Gbytes, and 14 days, 11:31 hours of music. I have acquired a set of the complete Bach organ works by Marie-Claire Alain that I have yet to load. So, I should be completely through my classical collection some time in late February or early March.
Plans for the coming year include more bicycle rides. More people from church have become interested in cycling, including Rick DeMass, the associate pastor. I am planning a week loop in Washington with Jonny, as well as a ride in the Black Hills with the ACA. Before the Black Hills trip, Betsy I plan on driving to Sioux Center to see Alex and Rachel and Lily and Adelyn, who will then meet me in the Black Hills for several days.  Betsy and I will be traveling to China with Dr. Liao in April. I am trying to put together a church trip to Israel with John Delancey for early 2015.  I also plan on going with Betsy to Phoenix in March to meet Dr. Tate and attend the SSO. I might also go to the American College of Surgeons meeting either this year or next. This year, I’d like to do the STP (Seattle to Portland bicycle ride), as well as a ride in Oregon with an old friend Aaron Hughes. There are no plans yet for Germany this year, though a trip in the fall is appealing. I really appreciate my time with all my German friends, including Dr. Herbert, Dr. Hannes and Katja, and Dr. Carsten and family. For 2015, I’d really like to do a 2-3 week Danau Radweg ride (Danube bicycle route) from Danaueschigen to Wien. I have no current plan to change my practice as it is right now, but will be working on forming a more cohesive atmosphere for cancer at Good Samaritan Hospital.
I still have a large stack of books to get through. Some time this year, I plan on reading Calvin’s Institutes, translated by Battles, as well as reading Hermann Bavinck’s 4 volume set on systematic theology. Neither of those books are available (yet) on Kindle.
Most of the sleepless nights that I and Betsy have had have been related to the troubles that close friends have had. Sometimes, it can be harder to endure watching a friend suffer, than to be going through such suffering yourself. Relationships to friends, family and God have become more important over the past year. Sundays at church remain a defining moment in Betsy and my lives. All else becomes meaningless before an infinite, personal God.

Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever… as for me, it is good to be near God: I have made the Lord God my refuge. From Psalms 73

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