Apr 18

Today, I knew that I needed to get back on my bike after my VERY abrupt pause in the TransAm. In training for the TransAm, I mostly rode by road bike. While on tour, I realized that the riding style between a road bike and a touring bike might use many of the same muscles, but the style is radically different. One rarely stands to pedal on a touring bike. One rarely powers up an incline on a touring bike, preferring to shift down and maintain a constant cadence and force on the pedals while seated. I realized the importance of training on my CoMotion, rather than the Trek, a bike that weighs half the weight of the CoMotion and with much different handling characteristics. It’s about the difference between a Ferrari and a Mac truck. So, off I rode, as happy as a lark on the CoMotion, wanting to get close to the Rainier NP entrance, until………..
I was sideswiped by a speeding car at the junction of 165 and the Carbonado Road, by the old hotel. The car swiped by me, hitting my upper lateral thigh which knocked off his right rear view mirror. He swerved, and an oncoming car was also swipped by him causing damage to the car over the rear fender and rear driver hubcap. The offending car slowed a little, and then sped off. Neither the girl that was hit nor I were able to get exact positive identification of the driver. After waiting an hour for the police, we registered our reports, who informed us that even if the car was apprehended, pushing charges could be a challenge since we didn’t exactly see the driver. The law sometimes (usually????) really sucks. I bicycled home ok, but wondering whether a GoPro would be a good idea. I thank God for His protection in that I could have been hurt much worse. It’s good to be tough, but even better to have guardian angels.

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  1. Joy Beem says:

    Ohh Dear God!! I’m so thankful you are safe! I will continue to pray for your safety!! Hugs to you!!

  2. Bruder Dennis says:

    Good to hear that you are okay, Ken. (Swiped is spelled with one p.) Yes, your guardian ETs from YHWH are monitoring you on their GPS trackers.
    I’ve had a spill or 2 on a bike but have never been hit by a car. This has happened either on loose gravel or off the abrupt edge of an urban sidewalk on Macloughlin Blvd in Portland.
    You really ought to confer with Gaylon about a bike trip down here. You’ll be glad you did, and so will Gaylon!

  3. Bruder Dennis says:

    Furthermore, not only will you not encounter snow, sleet, and icy weather, you will possibly be the first bikers to ride the Washington-to-Belize route, a journey about which you can then write an illustrated book.

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