Feb 09

I don’t like to get political on this blog site. Politics are of low interest to me, even though the politicians of all parties are constantly in your face. I find this to be truly annoying. I tend to vote conservatively, and thus lean Republican, even though I have many deep misgivings with the Republican Party. I received a recent request for funds from the Washington State Republican Party, and something just triggered me something fierce. I wrote the state Party a letter of complaint pointing out their hypocrisy, which I’m sure they’ll ignore, or promptly trash. Here it is…


Here is the letter to Ronna McDaniel of the National Republican Party, similar, but with some content adjustment…


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2 Responses to “Letters to State and National Republican Party”

  1. Bruder Dennis says:

    Well-put, Ken, and hitting them where they need to hear it.

    Oregon is no different, not even in the 1990s when former Memorial Baptist Church leader and Synektron founder (where I worked once),Craig Berkman, now in prison, was a major figure in the OR Republicratic party – connected with General Alexander Haig, a criminal connected to the larger Satanic cabal, and the R Party Chairwoman, for whom he left his wife and family. Craig has been going downhill ever since I knew him, and now has hit bottom. He stands as a archetype of too much of the character found in state Republican Parties.

  2. Feucht Lew says:

    Great letter; I concur with what you have written and feel very much the same for the State of Oregon. And it only gets worse when you get to the local county and city level of government. They have all been lost in the political swamp!

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