Please note that these files are fairly large, and may require several minutes to download. They come in pdf format, which can be saved and viewed better in a pdf viewer.

My father—Just a Farm Boy
My father wrote this, with the help of my brothers Dennis and Lewis. I recently scanned all of the pages of this book, assembled them, and posted it for all to read. (157 mbytes)

Me—Memoirs of Pilgrim
This is my autobiography and published on 21FEB2019. Since I am not yet dead, it is not a complete story of my life. I plan on revising this first pdf edition over the coming months. I await feedback from readers regarding errors, grammatical issues, or possible misstatements. I will take any feedback under advisement for amending this version. Later this year, a printed version of this book will be forthcoming, for which you may e-mail me for a copy if any are available. Pilgrim is my trail name, and so it reflects Memoirs of myself. (27 Mbytes compressed)

Helmut Hintz—Meine Geschichte
I helped one of my patients write his autobiography. I discovered that he was actually a student teacher (German class) of mine when I was in high school. His story of escape from east Germany and life in Germany is quite interesting. Helmut passed away on 09.JAN2009. He will be missed, but is in a better place. (34 mbytes)

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